Plymouth Chapter No. 49
Royal Arch Masons

 Meet on the second Wednesday
 of each month at 7:30 P.M. in
 Plymouth-Kilwinning Lodge
#149, 109 Water St.
Plymouth, IN

What is Royal Arch Masonry? Like the three basic degrees of Freemasonry, it is a system of moral and esoteric education rich in symbolism

A Chapter of Royal Arch Masons confers the four Capitular Degrees;

The Mark Master Degree: amplifies the Fellow Craft Degree and teaches of our ancient operative craftsmen and their means of identifying the work of each craftsman. This degree is perhaps the oldest Masonic degree, and is one of the most highly respected.

The Past Master Degree reminds us of our duty to others as well as ourselves.

The Most Excellent Master Degree: is based on the completion and dedication of King Solomon's Temple.

The Royal Arch Degree: is the consummation of the Master Mason Degree. It is here that a mason discovers how to collect his wages and most importantly, finds that which was lost - the Master's Word.